Locos & Carriages

Carriages - Queensland


15 acquired from Queensland Railways in 1986.
Codes are either BU or BUV. 55'5" over buffers, body 52'6", width 8'9", tare: 24 tons 15cwt.
BU 1414, BU 1415, (both built 1952) BU 1425, BU 1428 (both built 1953) - carriages have full width, low back seats, capacity 90 passengers.

BUV 1370, BUV 1412, BUV 1417
These have a guards compartment at one end, and a smaller seating capacity of 70 passengers.

BUV 1370
Built 1949 by Waddington P/L (set 32)

BUV 1412
Built 1952.

FC 1274
Is an Evans car. Built 1937 in Ipswich Workshops (set27). Earlier at ZZR it had no fixed seating and was used as a training car and named the Fowler Car. It has since been fitted with seats and tables with a corridor down one side. It can be included either in a running set or in the Blue Train.
Length over buffers: 53'5", length over body: 50'0", width 8'7". tare: 23tons 1 cwt.

These are ex Brisbane Suburban service cars. No's 1412, 1413, 1414, 1415, 1416 & 1417 were built in 1952 by Commonwealth Engineering. They were known as set 33 when in service. All Evans cars are painted maroon.

1071, 1413,1416 & 1345
Were sold to Beaudesert Rail in Queensland in 2000. 2 had been sold earlier.

BUV 1345, now BPV 1345
Was converted by Beaudesert Rail to central corridor with twin seats on either side. It was fitted with a 240V diesel generator to power a whole train. ZZR repurchased the carriage in June 2005.

AAS 1231 - Countess of Belmore
Built 1935. Queensland Railways 1st class corridor sleeper with 7 compartments sleeping 14, 2 toilets, seats 28. Built Ipswich Workshops, 1935 for Sunshine Express service, cost 5,598 Australian pounds, of cedar and pine on a steel underframe, on 4 wheel Timken roller bearing bogies. Bought ZZR 1985. Refurbished 2003 for Blue Train.
Length over buffers: 55'5", length over body: 52'6", width: 9'0", tare: 28 tons 5cwt. 16.020m, width 2.750m.

AL 540 - Emerald
Built 1909 - 1910 at Ipswich Workshops as 1st class sitting car for the Sydney Mail service. End platform carriage bought by ZZR 2002, 5 compartments each seating 6-8 people. Formerly sleeper for 20. Refurbished 2003 for Blue Train.
Length over platforms: 51'0", length over body: 45'", width: 8'9", tare: 24tons, 10 cwt.

CAS 123 - Pullman car - Sapphire
Built 1913 at Ipswich Workshops for Queensland Railways as a 1st class sleeping car for 20 passengers, or seating for 40. End platform carriage bought ZZR 2002; to be refurbished for Blue Train.
Length over buffers: 52'11", length over platforms: 51'0", length over body 45'1", width: 8'9", capacity 40 passengers, tare: 25 tons.

CLV 518
Built 1909 - 1910 at the Ipswich workshops as end platform composite carriage. Known as Davidson Vans. Includes a central guard's van, 1st & 2nd class compartments together with 2 lavatories & 2 dog boxes. Bought ZZR 2003. ZZR removed lavatories and dog boxes, extended seating, capacity: 27 passengers. Currently brown and cream, part of Blue Train.
Length: 52'11" over buffers, 50'6" over platforms, length over body: 45'0", width 9'4" over lookouts, 8'0" over body, tare: 21tons 15cwt.
CLV 580 is preserved at ARHSQ's Rosewood Museum.