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10 Class - B-B

The first Australian built diesel hydraulic locomotives, four in class. 1001, 1002 and 1003 built by Walkers Ltd of Maryborough, Queensland in 1963 for the Emu Bay Railway, Tasmania together with spare parts. No. 1004 was built in the Tasmanian Government Railway's Launceston Workshops in 1966 using a spare set of bogies supplied by Emu Bay Railway (EBR).

They were so successful that EBR ordered ten of the 11 Class locomotives (a development of the 10 Class) at which point the 10 Class locomotives were fitted for slave units used in multiple operation. Following the closure of the Hellyer mine and the resultant loss of traffic they were put into storage in June 2000. On the acquisition of EBR by Tasrail, the 10 class locomotives were offered for sale. Length: 34'0" over body, width, 9'4.5", weight: 50 tons, engine: Caterpiller D398, Voith transmission.

10 Class - 1004

Bought by ZZR in March 2001. In working order. Seen above in Tasrail livery. Its vacuum brake has been converted to air train brake and its auto coupling to hook and buffers. Zag Zag Railway has named it 'Emu Bay' in recognition of its Tasmanian heritage. It was repainted in 2002 in similar colours to the Tasrail livery.

10 Class - 1003
Bought by ZZR in March 2001. Originally purchased for spare parts, it has been restored to running order.

10 Class - 1001
Was bought by Walhalla Goldfields Railway, Victoria, c. 150 km east of Melbourne, where it is to be converted to 760mm (2'6").

10 Class - 1002
Has gone to the Don River Railway, near Devonport in north west Tasmania.
Technical Data. Weight: 49 tons (50 tonnes). Length: 34' 0" (10.36m). Width: 9' 4.25" (2.85m). Height: 11' 9" (3.58m). Axle Load: 12.5 tons (12.7 tonnes). Max Speed 30 mph (48 kph). Originally powered by a Paxman it was later replaced with Caterpillar engine, D 398 srsB: V-12; cyls. 6.25" x 8", (159 mm x 203 mm) - in common with 11 Class. Power: 710 bhp at 1300 rpm ( 522kW at 1300 rpm). Transmission: Voith L 37zUb converter unit and WV37 DGG reversing gear box. For more informtaion see "An Australian Diesel Locomotive Pocketbook" by Peter J. Clark, page 136. This locomotive replaced Diesel Shunting Locomotive Mt. Lyell / V13 which was sold to the ABT Railway in Tasmania 2001.