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If you enjoyed your visit to the Zig Zag Railway, and/or you want to help preserve an important part of Australia's heritage, feel free to send a donation.

Donations of $2.00 and over to the Zig Zag Railway Co-op are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers. Receipt will be issued.

Railways are very expensive to maintain and run.

In the case of Zig Zag there are:

  • Old Steam Engines, Old Carriages, and Old Railmotors to maintain, - consider how expensive your car can be! These vehicles are much older.
  • The infrastructure of track, signals, telephones, water, viaducts, tunnels and platforms.

The Railway is re-instating the next part of the original Zig Zag.

  • This is the line between Clarence Station towards Newnes Junction.
  • The distance is about 3.3km, about 1.4km has been laid, but much more work is required.


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Payment may be made by cheque, money order, or credit card.

If paying by cheque or money order please make it out to 'Zig Zag Railway Museum & Preservation Fund'.

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Send to:P.O. Box 1, Lithgow, NSW 2790, Australia
or to Fax: +61 (0)2 6355 2954

Updated 16 May 2007