Locos & Carriages

Other Vehicles


4029 - Oil Tanker
3 Section Oil Tanker on bogies. Storage is divided into 3 sections, originally marked 'Engine Oil Max 3', 'Coolant' and 'Gear Oil'.
Originally built for Ampol in NSW as a Standard Gauge vehicle. Donated by Ampol Oil Australia 1994, without bogies. Fitted with 3'6" bogies by ZZR. It now carries the name 'Commonwealth Oil Corporation Ltd' as on the former Wolgan Valley Railway, white lettering on black body.
Length: 13,700mm underframe, 14,550mm over auto couplings, width: 2,700mm, tare 25.9 tonnes, max load 44,660 litres (9,800 imperial gallons).

GWW 23266 - Garratt Water Tanker
Built 1955 by Evans Deakin & Co., bogied, capacity 17,505 litres. 2 side valves, 2 end valves. Side valves removed by ZZR.
Tank is mounted higher than standard water tankers to gravity feed to a QR Garratt locomotive tender through end valves. The gap between the frame and the elevated tank is covered by a fairing. Acquired from QR September 2003.
Length: 9,750mm underframe, 10,790mm over buffers, width: 2,597mm overall, 1,830mm across tank, hook and buffer couplings, tare 16 tonnes, gross 32.5 tonnes. Painted Grey.

CLS 32369 Built 1963 by Commonwealth Engineering, prototype QLX.

QLX 37075
Closed louvre wagon on bogies with Coolie Roof and 4 Sliding Doors. Built 1974 by Commonwealth Engineering.
Acquired September 2003 from Beaudesert Railway, Qld. Painted grey. length: 13,690mm over buffers, 12,800mm over body, width: 2,845mm tare: 18.2 tonnes.

CLX 32653 Built 1965 by Commonwealth Engineering.

HJS 23082 Built 1950 Metropolitan Cammell in UK. as open freight Car, acquired from Queensland Railways September 2002.

MHJS 22998 Built 1951 by Metropolitan Cammell as open freight Car, acquired from Queensland Railways September 2002.

MHJS 22710 Built 1951 by Metropolitan Cammell as open freight Car, acquired from Queensland Railways September 2003.
Tare: 11.6 tonnes. load: 23.5 tonnes. Length 9,000mm underframe, 10,750mm over buffers, width: 2,560mm. Hook and buffer couplings.

MFN 6629 & MFN 6630 Built 1923 by Perry Engineering as U Class louvre vans.
Converted 1953 to EN class (later MFN class) explosive vans.
Chopper couplings and air brake. Acquired August 1975 from South Australian Railways.


IHO 1287
NSW express brakevan. Built 1908-09 by Meadowbank Manfacturing Co., with mansard roof, two pairs double doors and one single opening outwards. Six IHO vans were converted 1959 from the earlier EHO. Staggered lookouts. IHOs provided additional van accommodation for interurban trains. Intended for interurban electric trains they were also used on locomotive hauled trains. They also contain a coffin chamber and 2 dog boxes. Bought ZZR 1983, regauged to 3/6" with chopper couplings in 1986 and painted green for use as a mobile shop at Mount Sinai halt during extension to Clarence. In January 2001 converted to hook & buffer coupling, and painted blue for inclusion in Blue Train, as a service vehicle. Length over body: 52'9", width: 9'0", tare 24 tons.

Fire fighting wagon
Built by Zig Zag Railway, converted from a coal vehicle, used during the 1997 bushfire. 5,000 litre water tank on low level carrier, with Tanker Master high pressure pump. Constructed by ZZR in 1994. In working order. The railway runs through bushland adjacent to the Blue Mountains National Park, hence the need to be prepared.

3 Hyrails
Toyota Dyna 2 Ton utes with optional rail wheels which can be lowered onto the track making them dual purpose vehicles. Acquired from Tasmanian Railways, September 1992.
No. 1 - white, funded by Port Kembla Coal & Coke, in service.
No. 2 - white, in service.
No. 3 - yellow, in service, with firefighting equipment.


EAM 1299
NSWGR sleeping car, standard gauge, 1908-12, had several compartments removed to provide dining and kitchen facilities together with toilets and showers, renovated at Petersham 1972-175. Length 66', weight 40 tons, originally 22 berths. Early 20th century, 1908 or later.

LAM 1250
NSWGR sleeping car, standard gauge, (1st Accommodation car, 18 berths), 1907. Length 60'2", 38 tons. Condemned March 1967. Bought by ZZR 1972, & renovated at Petersham 1972-1975.

AM 1782
NSWGR sleeping car, standard gauge, used by member in residence. Length 48'6", weight 30 tons, originally 20 berths. Converted to FJ, April 1952.

VAM 892
NSWGR sleeping car (2nd accommodation car), built 1903, with toilet and showers, painted yellow. Length 60'2", 38 tons, originally 20 berths.

All NSW standard gauge Pullman carriages are on 6 wheel Pullman bogies.


QJ 7 & QJ 14
Centre dump ballast wagons, acquired from Tasmanian Railways. Built 1957 by Motor Road (Aust) Pty Ltd, Malcolm Core Industries, Melbourne, Australia. QJ14 build #2420.
Length: 9,760 underframe, 10,800 over buffers, hook and buffer couplings one end, auto the other. Auto couplings replaced at alternate ends with hook and buffer to be used as 'match trucks' for Ampol Oil Tanker. ZZR converted brakes from vacuum to air.

QG 6, QG9, QG 22
Built by Launceston Railway Workshops as 4 wheel side tipping ballast wagons. QG6 and QG9 entered service 1954, QG22 in 1957.
Tare 7.26 tonnes, load 12 tonnes. Acquired from Tasmanian Railways before 1982. Originally chopper couplings, now QG 6 hook to hook, the others hook to chopper fitted at alternate ends to be used as 'match trucks'. To be refurbished.

Aresco Track Chief Regulator, bought from New Zealand Rail, 1994, reimported.
Plasser Tamper
GemCo Scarifier / Resleepering machine Ford engine.
Spike Puller and Spike Borer
Plasser Regulator bought from QR 2005