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Rail Motors


From the time it started running in 1975 the railway operated steam hauled services on weekends, public holidays, and New South Wales school holidays. In 1994 it was decided to operate on the remaining weekdays. 2 pairs of railmotors were bought from Queensland Railways who had retired part of their 2000 class fleet in December 1993.

The railmotors are single ended and operate "back to back" in pairs or with an intermediate car between end units. On rare occasions the 2000 class operated as 4 car sets using 2 intermediate cars between end units.

2006 & 2016, 2011 & 2020

Built 1960-61. Capacity 54 passengers each, except for 2011 which has a guard's compartment and smaller passenger capacity. Stainless steel sheeted body, AEC diesel engines, 11.3 litre, 150 hp, two speed governor, DC generator, coil type voltage regulator. In service. Built in 1960-61 by Comeng Ltd., Queensland, Rocklea Works. Length: 56'4", width: 8'6".

Later Zig Zag Railway bought 2 intermediate cars (of the 4 built) - also called PLDT (Powered Luggage Driving Trailer) cars - vehicles with two flat ends, and a driving position and a small luggage compartment at one end. This enables the provision of more flexible services by joining 3 or 4 vehicles together. Leyland engine, 12.5 litre, 150 hp with fuel pump, two speed governor. Built in 1971 by the same builders.

2051, in working order, capacity 52 seats, bought 1995 or 96.
2055, to be put into working order, capacity 52 seats, bought 1997.