On Thursday 17 October 2013 fire swept through the railway.
Alas much Zig Zag rolling stock was lost and other material, particularly for servicing rolling stock.

Burnt Out RM Interior Railmotor 2016 shown above, burnt out interior. (Click to Enlarge)

0Road long view of burnt carriages Long view of carriages burnt.(Click to Enlarge)

Burnt Depot Offices & workshop Burnt out offices above burnt out workshop.(Click to Enlarge)

Burnt Depot Offices & workshop Burnt out offices above burnt out workshop.(Click to Enlarge)

Six 3'6" gauge timber carriages were destroyed, four 4'8" gauge static timber accommodation carriages were destroyed.
In addtion a Railmotor (2016) at Bottom Points and another at Clarence storage area were destroyed.
CEO MWF (ZZR founder member #16) is particularly upset about this one.
In the Depot shed the offices and the workshop were destroyed, the building is a write off.
Several containers of spare parts were destroyed.
All the services, water, electricity, phones and radio repeater station were destroyed.
A lot of wooden sleepers will need to be replaced, but 1000 stored replacements were destroyed, as are 4 sets of lead timbers.
New meal room and toilet block destroyed.
Backhoe and crane destoyed, and a hi-rail vehicle.

The locomotives and carriages in the Depot shed are OK, if a bit singed
The big lathe, compressor room and the big boring machine are intact.
Bottom Points Station is OK, Signal Box, Old Bridge from Cooerwull, and station are OK.
The top station at Clarence is OK, as is the office there.

Burnt Depot Offices & workshop Inside Shed: burnt out offices above burnt out workshop with Locomotive 218A. Front end of Railmotor 2016 can be seen in the background. (Click to Enlarge)

Bottom Points Signal Box near miss Bottom Points Signal Box, valiantly saved by member(s).(Click to Enlarge)

Crane and Backhoe at Edgecombe Crane and Backhoe at Edgecombe.

Backhoe at Edgecombe Backhoe at Edgecombe.

Burning Sleepers Burning Sleepers, the day after the fire, still too hot to handle, and water not available.